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Saturday, May 6, 2017

More Market Trends...Fabulous Furniture Detailing and Mixing Materials

More on our journey through the trends from this spring's High Point Furniture Market!  This stuff is gorgeous, y'all.  GORGEOUS.  And I'm especially excited about these trends as they are right up my alley.  😃  If you look very closely at all at my designs, you can probably tell that I love subtle details.  Designs in nail head trim, inlays in case pieces, unexpected pillow details...I love it all.  So all of the details showing on furniture at this year's Market made me very happy.  Here are just a few!

Love the detailing on this piece from Hooker Furniture.  It reminds me of a modernized version of a Greek Key motif.  And the little channel insets along the sides of the dresser?  Adore.

The wood framework on the back of this chaise from Vanguard Furniture is To Die For gorgeous.

I'm still swooning over this little ribbon detail accent on this ottoman from Taylor King.  TK Furniture does it right, y'all.  Their showroom was gorgeous this year.

And this look from Theodore Alexander is just a fabulous updated version of the skirted club chair.  Easily on of my favorite showrooms I visited this market, these folks know how to put together some lovely.

And all of these lead me into my next trend of mixing materials.  This trend is so perfect for the movement in design towards an eclectic, pulled-together look vs. complete matchy-matchy furniture suites.  Mixed materials are all over, and once you know what you are looking for, you're going to notice it everywhere.  Stone and metal together?  Yes, please.  Metal framed upholstery?  Certainly.  Wood, metal, and fabric?  It can be done and done well, y'all.  Here are some of my favorites!

Travertine tiled top (complete with fossils embedded in the stone), framed in metal and arranged in a partner's desk setup; creative detailing from Bernhardt furniture.

Birdseye Maple inlay in this painted wood dresser from Caracole with metal detailing; two woods and a metal, all done in light and soothing shades.

Sweet twin bed; metal and fabric. 💓  

And here it is...metal, wood, and a fabric overlay, all on one gorgeous nightstand.

The creativity that goes into these designs makes me so very happy because it all becomes an amazing pool of resources for my own designs.  One of the wonderful things about what I do is all of the creative talent putting their very best into providing a wealth of goods to weave my designs around.  Grateful heart today!  💓

One more market trend blog left.  This one will cover all of the very cool lambswool and acrylic items that were all over market PLUS my Very Favorite Things.  Come on back next week for more!