Interior designer Michelle Kopfer of Michelle's Interiors in Dallas, TX gives her thoughts on design trends, latest obsessions, and embracing life in the midst of the noise.

Friday, April 28, 2017

To Market, to Market, with all of the Trends!

If you follow my Instagram, you know I spent most of the past week at High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina.  If you're not familiar with High Point, it's basically like Fashion Week for furniture, only instead of going to runway shows, you walk through showroom after showroom of each vendor's latest, loveliest designs.  It's a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns and textures with every kind of furniture, artwork, rug, accessory - basically anything you can imagine or dream for interior design.  Even better, each showroom is done by some of the best individuals in the business, ensuring exposure to one of the foremost conglomerations of the latest trends and styles, and it's incredibly helpful to me throughout the year as I refer back to the over 3000 photos I took!

It literally spreads over the entire downtown area of the city of High Point, humongous and fabulous. (NB the correct usage of literally; this is important, folks.  If you haven't played the game of paying attention to how often it is used incorrectly, you really, really should.  It's a good time.  But I digress...)

This is us walking up to just one of the many, many buildings (on one of the few non-rainy days we had!).

I'm so excited to share with you all of the trends from Market.  The things that are on the ascendance, trends that are holding steady, everything about where design is moving!  I'll do this in a series of posts, but just to give you a sneak preview, here are a few of the things I'll be covering:  Trending Colors, Fabulous Furniture Detailing, Mixing Materials, Totally Chic Acrylic and Mongolian Lambswool, and of course, all of my Very Favorite Things from Market!

So join me back here over the next few weeks as I invite you on a little journey through all of the most beautiful things from Market!


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