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Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...Trending Colors this Year!

There hasn't been much agreement between the forecasters in the design community over the past few years as to where color is going.  The year Benjamin Moore picked a soft white as their color of the year, Pantone picked a deep wine as their forecast trend.  Three years ago Sherwin Williams picked a gorgeous plum, and this year they've selected a lovely taupe (which, for the record, I actually agree with).

Like predicting the stock market, it's sometimes hard to know what is next, but I can at least show you what we saw All Over Market this year.  And while I can't promise you're going to like it, you will be interested, because it's....PINK.  Blush, to be precise.  We first saw this a couple of years ago, and honestly, I thought vendors might have let go of this one by now, yet that is definitely not what we observed.  But -- and this is important! -- it can be done well, and I've spent some time thinking about what that would look like.

First, some views of the loveliest blushes you may ever see...


All of these I think are quite well done.  Love the pink crystal version of the Sputnik pendant; such a creative use of color and material, and I can totally see this in a teenage girl's bedroom over nightstands or a desk.  Adore the pink and gold drawer chest in the center.  I would need an adventurous client to do this, but I could completely see it converted to a sink vanity and in the powder bath of a very chic high rise apartment, (but of course, only until the trends change, then this is retired!).  Love the outback fretwork detailing on the chair; just a lovely touch of elegance mixed with modern.

And I have to share the Mongolian lambswool and gold bar stool below.  Some might say this is a step too far, but it is definitely a conversation piece:

Now hopefully I haven't convinced you all that I'll be decorating all in pink until next Market.  Especially since the next color trend really is my favorite.  BLUE.  Blue in many shades, but mostly seeing both soft blue-greens as well as deep navy.  Just Gorgeous.

 Adore the twin bedroom scene with just a touch of orange.  And the velvet sofa underneath that is scrumptious; I'd give a firm yes to a little nap on that soft fabric.  I have a room I'm working on right now for a client where we are doing a deep sapphire velvet on the chairs, and I have to say I am a fan.  The wing back chair is scrumptious with the contrast outback fabric and the wood detailing.  <3  Not just a mere fan of this one, but a bit of a groupie!  But my very favorite blue thing at market is this one, and it would have come home with me if it hadn't already been sold:

This is the perfect piece for a room with lots of blue; it's soft, it brings in other neutral colors, and I just find it incredibly soothing.  You better believe I got the artist's name, and I will be using her in future projects!

Finally, and I almost hesitate to share this yet because it qualifies as one of my Very Favorite Things at market, but this blue bedroom was DIVINE.  I mean seriously, I want to import it to Texas and install it FORTHWITH (I do have to say that I love that this blog affords me a venue to use words like forthwith.  Note to self:  must add that to regular conversation.):

For real y'all, my photos don't do this justice, but it was just the loveliest shade of porcelain blue I've seen and combined in such yummy ways that I wanted to go home and re-do my own master bedroom IMMEDIATELY.  Since my husband might leave me if I embarked on that project, I will have to content myself with a client whose dream has been to sleep in blue and make that happen!

So, blue and pink!!  It's like they're anticipating gender reveal parties, only for interior design.  ;)  

Keep coming back, we've got LOTS more to cover.  Like Fabulous Furniture Detailing, Mixing Materials, Totally Chic Acrylic and Mongolian Lambswool, and of course, all of my Very Favorite Things from Market!

Happy Weekend to everyone!  Have fun dreaming in blush and navy!


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