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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Week in the Life

There are so many shows about interior designers.  I mean, they are entertaining for sure, and I even watch some occasionally.  But how close are they to real life?  An actual week in a designer's life is an interesting study in contrasts, and there is for sure a lot of boring that you don't see on TV.  But there are some fun things, so I thought I'd take an eventful week from last fall (yes, I've been hanging on to these random iPhone pics forever for this post) and walk you through A Week in the Life...

First of all, every one of my weeks starts like this:

That's my desk with puppy dog pillows parked underneath and piled high with stuff (points for alliteration) -- in this case carpet and fabric samples for a project.  If it's been a week where I have time to organize, my desk is nice and neat.  If it's been a crazy week, I close the door to my office if we have guests coming over.  But the point is, I spent a lot of time here.  A LOT.  In fact, I mark off days every week just as desk days, where I can plow through things I need to accomplish.  Interestingly, I actually have two desks, one at my studio in Carrollton and one at home.  The one in Carrollton is pristine.  You can for sure tell where I do most of my work...

But there are non-desk parts too.  This particular week, we decided to add drapes to a room I'd already finished for a client.  Pull fabric samples, head to client's house, then play with which ones I think are going to work best in the room: what stands out against the wall, works with the chair fabric and existing bedding, and enhances the overall look?  I narrow it down to three options:

We're gonna have to move that artwork....  (You can head to my website portfolio under "Bedrooms" and find the finished room if you are interested!  Bedroom Gallery)

Then, off to look at tile for another client, which involves tile showrooms and fun display areas like this:

Look at that creative waterfall counter top on the desk!  Love.  <3

But another day I end up in places like this:

This was a granite fabricator located down off Harry Hines (the name of that street is constant entertainment) where I helped lay out templates for a client's kitchen.  It was messy, but while I'm there I see these...

Really pretty granite remnants!  Yay!  These are a fabulous resource for small areas where you just need a little piece of stone.  You better believe I kept that fabricator's name for future reference.

And this particular week was a really fun one where a client wanted me to see the latest design Neiman's had on their upstairs floor.  It was really a hardship to have to run by there.  I may or may not have stopped in the shoe department as well, but I absolutely did not charge for that time...

Add to this a few meetings, with clients or contractors or my design group in Carrollton, then add a lot more desk time, and you have a typical week in the life!  

It really is pretty fun, at least MOST of the time.  Perhaps I should devote another blog to When Things Go Wrong and share about a less fun week, but we'll save that for another time.  I definitely enjoy the fabulous things my job exposes me to, and I love working with clients who often become friends.  And, of course, I always like have an excuse to shoe shop...

Happy Weekend, Everyone! 

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