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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Sweet Little Valentine's Day Chair...

So, this chair - which just happened to be installed yesterday - was so perfect for Valentine's Day, I had to share it with you!

This was a slightly different project than what I've done before, so I thought I'd share a bit of the story with you.  A designer I work with is focusing her practice on Southlake, and one of her previous Frisco clients moved to Prosper -- which is just a bit too much of a drive!  Here is a link to the wonderful work they did together before I became involved:  Frisco Home

And here is a before photo of the new space up in Prosper.  It definitely needed some lightening up! 

It was actually quite fun to build on another designer's work as you have such a lovely base to start from, and you are already thinking outside of your zone since you're working with her color scheme.  Loved it!  The challenge was to bring in the blue and the red in a way that worked with those fabulous chairs.  Of course, we started with paint, but there was still a long ways to go.

We had to figure out how to design such a long, narrow room (and one with two focal points!) while utilizing the space in the best way.  It was just a little too tight to do two completely separate sitting areas, and one large area seemed to waste lots of space.  The solution was found in doing two swivel gliders that can turn back and forth to face either space.  I sourced fabrics that pulled in both the blue and red and found this FABULOUS striped chair fabric.  The fabric had just been discontinued, but it was perfect, so we called to have them hold it for us, and we actually got the very last of it - whew!  It was literally just enough to make these two chairs.  

We laughed yesterday that these chairs were installed the day before Valentine's Day.  We're calling them her Valentine's Day chairs!  These photos were snapped quickly during the install; I'll post a few more once we do accessories next week, but the chairs were just too perfect not to share today.

It's a little treat in my job when I get to love on client's puppies, and it is always cute when they end up in the pics!  This golden is one of the sweetest dogs.  💓

So, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  It could be that what your life is missing is a wonderful red and white striped chair....


Quick update with final photos.  So fun to see it all complete!

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