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Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Recognize Luxury Sheets

I just sent over a little educational email to a client on sheets, and I had the thought that you all might be interested in that information too!  Quality sheets may be far different than what you've learned.  Since I'd like this to be a little repository of helpful information rather than merely just a bunch of my words, I'll collect other articles to share with you as well.  Below are some wonderful ones on this topic.

The US has successfully marketed thread count, which doesn't have much to do with really nice sheets. This is a fascinating article on what actually does define a high quality sheet: Thread Count

Truly nice sheets have a feel to them that is light, almost crisp but silky, and not at all like the heavy, super soft (almost clingy) feel that is so common. I've also found that very nice sheets WRINKLE, especially in the beginning. Some fabulous tips on dealing with those wrinkles:  Removing Wrinkles from Sheets

So, a little food for thought this weekend!

And, here is a photo of my all-time favorite sheet, which is from Legacy Linens.  Egyptian Cotton Percale....mmmmm....

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